Corporate Structuring; Business Combinations

Choosing the correct business form from the variety of corporate and partnership entities available is an important step in creating a strong foundation for your business. Whether you are starting a new business or modifying your existing structure due to growth or other change, BauerGriffith can provide counsel regarding options, complete the required paperwork and filings, update your corporate records and establish an ongoing compliance matrix. In addition, BauerGriffith’s significant business law experience in joint ventures, partnerships and other business combinations can help clients take a proactive approach to identifying and capitalizing on strategic business alliances.

Business Planning

A thoughtful business plan provides many key success indicators for your business, including a focused definition of your products or services, reminding you to invest your energy with the greatest potential for return; identification of your most profitable client groups with a marketing strategy focused on reaching this target audience; a sales tool to help you develop your marketing pitch for new clients or customers; and perhaps most importantly, access to both private and bank financing. BauerGriffith can assist in creating an appropriate business plan for your business.

Contracts and Infrastructure

Your business is built on the relationships you create with your employees, clients, vendors and other service providers. BauerGriffith can help you document these relationships through appropriate contracts and agreements that protect your interests and simply and accurately reflect your business goals and objectives. To simplify your business, we can also create form documents to meet your needs.


Small and emerging businesses meet their financing needs through a variety of mechanisms, including private and bank financing, structured debt obligations, and equipment lease finance. BauerGriffith can help you ascertain the appropriate financing structure for your business, and negotiate favorable terms with your creditors.

Ethics and Corporate Compliance

Best practices for all sizes of business require policies and planning around ethics, conflicts of interest, whistle-blowing and other compliance issues. BauerGriffith can provide policies and procedures that are “right-sized” and responsive to your business to create a practical, proactive framework to deal with such issues effectively.

Real Estate

BauerGriffith can help you address your business or personal real estate concerns before they become problems. We can negotiate lease, purchase or sale terms for real property, and provide counsel on alternative property choices that can generate significant cost savings. Through our relationship with a real estate broker, we have access to current market conditions and availability, and the tools to help you buy, sell or lease your business or personal properties.

Employment Law Issues

We counsel our clients to take a proactive approach to their human resource function, and are available to draft your employee handbook, employer policies and procedures, and even help in the hiring and firing processes. BauerGriffith attorneys can also meet with appropriate officers, directors and staff to explain and implement these policies and procedures.

Entertainment Law

We provide practical, cost-effective, time sensitive support to performing artists and artist managers for booking contracts, license agreements, recording and distribution agreements, management contracts and other legal issues related to your career in music or theater.